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CI Introduction

A partner who listens to customers and puts people first!
A partner who listens to customers and puts people first!

CI Introduction

·It is a symbol of visual communication that expresses it internally and externally based on the establishment of the values and visions pursued by Kirin Corporation.

▣ Brand Signature

1. Visual symbol "Giraffe-shaped alphabet K shape"

     Giraffe, a symbol of non-violent dialogue

     ▶ With the largest heart among land animals,The non-violent dialogue, in which love and empathy are shared, 

         is called giraffe's language, meaning to look at the surroundings with high and long-mok.

    · Symbol of emphasizing reliability and empathy

    · Visualization of brand image with the symbolism of giraffe

    · An enterprising, sweeping curve aesthetic

2. Typographic Watermark: "Kirin Inc."

    · Consideration of reliability and clarity

    · Expressing confidence in Kirin Computer

    · Oullim font emphasizing harmony with customers

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