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CEO Greeting

A partner who listens to customers and puts people first!
A partner who listens to customers and puts people first!


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all customers who visited our Kirin Company website.

Kirin Inc. is a company that manufactures, wholesales and retails computers with the main focus on government procured products, and is doing its best with customer satisfaction as the top priority.

We are also committed to zero customer complaints and efforts to innovate quality management. Reinforcing the verification system for each process,

We are achieving management innovation that encompasses reliability verification and customer satisfaction services.

We are expanding training by function so that each employee can demonstrate 100% of their competencies, and by introducing a performance-oriented personnel policy to maximize individual competencies.

We are making it a company that drives future growth through the best human resources.

Kirin Inc. is also making every effort to invest in R&D through the development of high value-added industries and new technologies in order to become a leading company in the global industry.

We will establish ourselves as a company that strives to always put the environment and society first, and a pleasant company, and we will become a company loved by realizing consistent customer value creation.

Thank you.

Jae-Seung Lee, CEO of Kirin Inc.

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